Sunday, April 05, 2009

How time flies

Lordy loo, has it really been that long? I bet nobody is even gonna read this now, it looks like I went AWOL.

The traffic is clearing, and loads of white folk are packing up and moving on. Who cares I wonder? Maybe brownies are clearing out too, but somehow I don't think they are the cause of Salik.
I will be pleased to see a pre-80's era return, although I doubt that will happen.

I have finally got my smart business with Emirates Bank functioning as it should do, even though I have been paying for the service for nearly 4 years. Shocking but true.....I know, I know, nothing to be shocked about.


nzm said...

About time you showed up again!

Smart Business can be a joke at times, but then again, what else runs smoothly in the UAE? :-)

We had 3 accounts set up - US$, € and Dirham accounts. The US$ was inactive for a while, but one day we went to use it again, and EB had closed it without notifying us. Oh yes, and there was $2k in it at the time!

After several screaming phone calls and lots of faxes, we had to re-apply to open the account (think non-objection letters, passport copies, company stamps) which we had never closed in the first place.

Then it took 2 weeks for the $2k to show back up.

I suppose we can count ourselves lucky that we did get the $2k back!

nzm said...

Oh yes, and we're Al Shaheen customers too - fine way for EB to treat their "privileged" customers! LOL

Jayne said...

Hello stranger! Are you back to blogging or just popping in? :-)

CG said...

Thankfs guys, what loyal readers...yeeeeeeha

nzm, yes Al Shaheen too, but they don't care. When I go in the Al Shaheen door, they tell me to go next door, then I show my card and they kind of go....ughrsdelFB?
obviously the likes of me should be cleaning their toilets.

Jayne, I shall try to blog. My mind is confused. You see, I am not the same person I was. A lot has happened. Some good and some bad, but I have tried to stop biatching, and the result is my mouth has nearly clamped up (only opens for grub these days).
I shall try one last mega bitch and see how it goes....

BuJ said...

love all this direct shit!!!!! where else in the world can you get such gems like:

"The traffic is clearing, and loads of white folk are packing up and moving on. Who cares I wonder? "

hehehehehe i love it :D

boss, welcome back!

CG said...

buj, thanks dude. Yes I am back....for now.