Monday, April 06, 2009


Ok guys (n gals), here you have it:

I am getting travel sick. B I G time.

As a kid I was a projectile puker, planes, trains and automobiles. boats too. 2 week long cruises around the Baltic Sea left me 10 kg lighter.

But it passed. Slightly. I still threw up flying to the States. Landing at George Bush Intercontinental I had my head in the loo, while the flight attendant wedged himself into the door frame as he attempted to avert any further scenes from my side. As we trundled down the runway I wanted to kiss that toilet seat. YEEEHA

Back to present. I am getting car sick. A lot. An awful lot. If you see a manic woman on the side of SZR hanging on to the back of her truck, head in a bag, then please don't stare. This is happening to me every day. Muscat (ok, 5 hours with kids in the car is enough to encourage any stomach to evacuate it's contents), UAQ and now Ibn Battuta is too far to go. WTF is happening.


rosh said... 'on board'? And I ain't talking babies in cars. Pse, don't shoot me! :)

kaya said...

nothing in the oven is ther cg?
It happens to me sometimes, but my nausea is triggered by a woozy feeling, like riding up an elevator too fast, and some particular smells.
You and me got too many spooky coincidences.
Its vertigo, and the only cure is, well its not so much a cure as a change in certain behavioural lifestyle. WTF!! Why do I even talk like that sometimes.
Anyhow you need the meds, you need to always stay in the front seat, and I tell you without realising it, the driver of the car may be swinging the car when he/she drives.
I tend to get car sick when Husband drives, he brakes last second or swings and veers the car.
Alo I keep iced water with bit of lime, whenenevr I can remember. Masafi flavoured water is divine(lime).
Poor darling. fEel better soon.

BuJassem said...


oh BOSS, you're just too bad for this world..

keep it up!

nzm said...

Jeez Rosh - I'd be running very, very fast and away from CG if I was you! LOL.

I was going to suggest an ear problem?

CG said...

Rosh...oh Rosh. Come closer. Let me whisper in your ear.
Got it? Did you feel the bullet? ok.

Aunty Kaya....Do you want me asleep at the wheel or what? Flavoured Masafi? Are you bonkers? I need something stiffer than that.

Bujjjjji. hala

nzm....a wise lady. Hmm. ears you say? quite possible. My sinuses are shot to hell, as always. I like that suggestion. You are a clever cookie.

rosh said...

Dudy, felt more like a good 'ol caning on the buttocks...waahahaha..maammy!