Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Triad, something to do with 3

Back in July 2008 I blogged about gay marriage and men giving birth (oh yeh), and I even joked (silly me) about a threesome marriage.

Well guys, the wait has not been that long. We can now offer the new and exciting way to marry. It will be called a Triad wedding and will be a union of 3 people, possibly more. YUP. This sounds like having your cake and eating it, over and over.
For many years I assumed that a triad had something to do with a Welsh demon or a Chinese gang.

I just do not know what to say next. What will be next?

The following link is a pic I wanted to add to this post but did not want to offend anyone, so pls click with caution


kaya said...

Why are not the two ladies at the bottom getting any?

How bizarre. The TRIAD and that picture for the matter.
I am actually decadently titillated for some curious reason.

BuJassem said...

ok boss, you officially need a hobby!

cute how you and kaya always write at the same time on their blogs and you also comment simultaneously :)

Anonymous said...


ammaro said...

frickin hell... are animal marriages coming in anytime soon? i know a guy who really likes his goat

CG said...

Kaya, I knew you wouldjust lurrve this one.
Buj, yes you are right. I need a hobby.
Ammar, don't even go there. Oh, but you just did. Thoughts for a new post, me thinks.
Chingchong, sorry, sid not quite catch that one.