Thursday, October 01, 2009

Flying with the flu

SQH, 27, a resident of Kohat, was brought to Pims on September 23 with symptoms of virus. He used to drive taxi in Dubai, where he contracted the virus and was admitted to a private hospital.

Medical tests conducted in Dubai had confirmed that he was suffering from swine flu. Later, he flew back to his native country and approached Pims for medical treatment, where he again tested positive at the time of arrival.

Ahhhh, how joyous to know that people are still spreading the flu, the right way.


Seabee said...

Our flight back from Singapore, going on to Cairo, was full of people coughing and sneezing. Flu or a cold I don't know, but it shows people's usual complete lack of consideration for anyone else.

BuJ said...

The report is a bit confusing.. hmmm

Seabee is right,, ppl can be so inconsiderate! If you're sick then there is no need to travel, and if you MUST travel then wear a mask!

Someone once said that the biggest worry about swine flu is to worry about swine flu.


on a separate note, it's good to see you're blogging, Boss!

rosh said...