Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Those emails from the Camaroons

We have all had these emails, offering us money in return for helping them transfer some funds or another.... but does anyone actually read them?
I have not read them since the first one I opened, and they find themselves being banished to the same spam folder along with those genital enhancement offers. If I was a man I would, no doubt, be quite excited at the prospect of walking around with a donger the size of a bolster pillow. I would probably read every bank offer with great delight too, it is just a men like thing to do.

Today I was feeling quite manly, and decided to open the mail and read it. No binning it in my 'forever hopeful' folder. Today I was going to see which part of Nigeria is inviting me to share their fortune. Here it is:

I was actually surprised to see that it comes from Equador. Where is Equador anyway? I think it is in South America, it sounds like it. I think I have smoked cigars from that place. I have also heard about drug lords from there. Now email scammers from Equador. Sounds like the place to be. The other thing I was surprised at was the obviousness of it being a scam. The first thing to notice is Royal Bank of Scotland. Since I don't bank with them, I would not really expect mail from them, especially the same email being sent to multiple recipients all having 10½ million in their accounts. How odd though that they would even imagine that we would believe them. Are there really that stupid enough people out there on the net? REALLY? It was pure entertainment for me, I loved the line: "we make our system upgrade". I read it with a nice accent. I would like to thank them for saving me from the fate of the Gulf News on this exciting Tuesday.


Seabee said...

Are there really that stupid enough people out there on the net?


People are falling for these scams every day.

Jayne said...

It really is hard to believe that there are (allegedly) computer literate & educated people out there who fall for these kind of scams. All I can say is, they must be awfully greedy & downright bloody stupid!

Nice to see you blogging again hon :-)

rosh said...

There's this saying - "can't fix stupid" So I assume, there shall be folks who'd gladly do the 'necessary' :) Welcome back Chevy!

Tainted Female said...

Seabee said, "Are there really that stupid enough people out there on the net?


People are falling for these scams every day."

My sister is one of them! lmfao. She actually went to the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police - for those who may not know) with one of them - because the strangers somehow knew her real name.. The very one she registered her hotmail account with.

CG I couldn't for the life of me remember your blog url. I'm here thanks to the comment you made at Buj's blog.

I trust you're well. I miss you much!

kaya said...

Yeh. You are doing better than I am. At blogging!
How are you?