Thursday, April 12, 2007

5 Things you didn't know about me

Since I was tagged (I was a last resort, but it's ok) I will do it anyway.
Most of you know enough about me by now.

1) I live on Lobster, Crayfish and Swiss Chocolate, but when desperate and those items are out of reach then I will settle for Prawns and Dutch Chocolate.

2) I have a bicycle.

3) I have anxiety attacks, especially when stuck in traffic (I cannot be stuck in the middle lane.................aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh). This may explain my rather rash driving habits.

4) I get recurrent Bursitis in my hip which causes me a lot of anguish and embarrassment, along with a limp.

5) I have extensive knowledge about Rey Myserio, Randy Orten, Batista and John Cena. Do you?

No.6 was not asked for, but I always add one for luck

6) I swim every day.

Now I am going to tag: Kaya and Madman Moryarti (who is now at boiling point). I wanted to tag Long Distance but she won't open a blog for fear of having her identity stolen/revealed.


BuJ said...

i share with u number 3.. i hate middle lanes.. and in dubai in the old days i used to take the G-wagon down into the sand whenever there's an accident or jam.. used to be fun but now they got police.. but sometimes i drive it behind the camel-fence so it's legit.. and i've done it a few times on emirates road.. the kids love the bumpy ride.. and so do i

i*maginate said...

No baby, don't think you were a last resort, you simply couldn't be. Firstly, you and buj had to be put together. AND, there was no preference in the order I listed. AND, you would complain either way, that was my thinking, wherever you appeared, top, middle or bottom.

As for the 5 things you wrote, love your food choices. Exquisite taste. Could scoff them all down right now, though the swiss chocolate could go down on my hips more than expected.

2) where do you ride? Interesting. Don't bring buj into the answer pls. I'm jealous already.

3) Fuck, I've tried the middle lane. I was so high when I tried it yesterday. Lane was completely fucking free! What the hell is wrong with people? Fast lane is full and I overtake on the middle? Some people need a fat lesson. Good whip would be in order.

4) OK I'm going to look up this link. Seems you've given birth to a babe so any hip conditions are way excusable ;))

5) Who the heck are these people? Will click on the link later.

6)Swim every day? Hmm. How does your hair get away that? Pls tell me. Are you so lucky your hair can get away with anything, or do you have some kind of trick? Would love to know coz I would love to swim daily but my hair would look like straw if I did so.

Swimming is freedom, as long as there are no eels swimming beside you.


BuJ said...

i*maginate.. i'm itching to comment on number 6.. and oh.. n2 as well... but hey.. will keep quiet as it's not my blog :)

so i'll comment on 3.
the lane dis-discipline in the uae just pisses me off.. people take the fast lane and khalas.. they won't budge.. sometimes i wish i have a kinda big plonking magnet on the metal crash barrier that i can switch on at will.. mainly to overtake.. so when it's on it will FREEZE all the slow goats (notice not sheep) to the hard shoulder until i pass.

moryarti said...

Aiight .. I will do this :)

CG said...

Yes th middle lane is not for phobics like us.

you are right about my complaining, but never if I am on top.
Well, as for weight gain on my hips, I think I am lucky in that respect. Mine rests on my tummy, need some major lipo there me thinks.
Jealous of Buj? what has he got to do with me or my bike?
Not given birth to anything, just born with a dodgy hip. Plus a lifetime of competetive water ski-ing has taken its toll.
Cobra oil is the trick for the hair. But then again, a swimming hat is good too.

why are you itching. feel free. think of this as your blog.

Thanks for being a great sport. Hugs to Lulu x

* said...

Hang on just a sec?
I missed out on something. And how come I am tagged for the same thing by CG and BUJ?
How did that happen?

CG said...

check the dates Kaya, I tagged you first, way before anyone else, but you have been ignoring me:(

Go back to your coma....

* said...

I surely did . Yes Memsaab.
This WHY credit goes to you. As I sit here doing that very post.